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Hosting Marketers has started offering on all its hosting plans including hybrid servers wowza hosting. Wowza has the advantage of red5 that it can stream to Apple devices, iphones and iPads.

Apple HTTP Live Streaming (Cupertino Streaming – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Wowza Media Server 3 can stream multi-bitrate live and video on demand H.264, AAC and MP3 content to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and specific versions of QuickTime player and the Safari browser using the Apple HTTP Live Streaming protocol. Apple HTTP Live Streaming is a chunked based streaming protocol that uses HTTP for delivery. All media chunking and packaging necessary to deliver a stream using this protocol is performed by Wowza Server. Apple HTTP Live Streaming is referred to in the Wowza Media Server 3 documentation and configuration files as Cupertino Streaming.

Cupertino streaming leverages a playlist wrapper to describe the list of chunks available for streaming. A Cupertino Streaming playlist URL has the following form:



[wowza-address]: IP address or domain name and port of server running Wowza Server (default port 1935)

[application]: Application name

[application-instance]: Application instance name (if omitted defaults to _definst_)

[stream-name]: stream name with stream prefix

For example, to play the video on demand file located on the Wowza Media Server 3 at the address, using the application name myapplication with the file name, the URL is:

The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch support the following video and audio formats:


H.264 (Baseline profiile level 3.0 or below)


AAC, AAC Low Complexity (AAC LC), High Efficiency AAC v1 (HE-AAC)


The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch do not support High Efficiency AAC v2.

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